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memo - visualizes various statistics around my Bitcoin memory pool (mempool). Seemingly stuck and longtime-unconfirmed transactions can be quite annoying for users transacting on the Bitcoin network. The idea of is to provide users with information about unconfirmed transactions and transaction fees.

Project History

I've started building the first version of mid 2017 as my first Bitcoin related project. I was (and still am) motivated by presumably Greg Maxwell's words:

"What's going to happen to Bitcoin?" is the wrong question. The right question is "What are you going to contribute?" — Greg Maxwell

Later this year the bitcoin transaction fees rose and I had quite some traffic. The high fees were caused by a huge transaction flood as the price rose to $20k. I regularly had problems with long running scripts due to querying and processing the huge mempool on a low end VPS. Due to time constrains I wasn't able to improve the performance. This resulted in version 1 dieing the not-maintained-death sometime in 2018.

I've focused full time on Bitcoin in spring 2019 and spend a part of that time to work on version 2. Version 2 is a full rewrite of - only the idea, license and the quote from Maxwell remained. The goal is to offer way more than version 1 did, but build on a foundation with performance and maintainability in mind. I'm open for ideas and feedback.


Self-hosting memo is possible, but there is no detailed setup and maintenance documentation written yet. You might need to do some exploration on your own to get everything working. Keep in mind, that you need a customized Bitcoin Core version to run the Bitcoin Transaction Monitor.


This project and all its files are licensed under a GNU Affero General Public License.