Realtek driver for USB wlan cards: 8192CU
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8192cu dkms


Allows easy installation of patched rt8192cu driver via dkms.

Before installation:

This is only relevant if you have installed a driver for rt8192cu once before!
  • Remove the none dkms version of this driver:
    • Change to the old driver directory (where the "Makefile" is)
    • Open terminal in this directory
    • Type: sudo make uninstall
  • Remove the dkms version of this driver:
    • Change to the driver directory (where the "./" is)
    • Open terminal
    • Type: sudo ./

Install dkms-driver:

  1. Unpack
  2. Open terminal in rt8192cu_dkms
  3. Type: sudo make install_dkms

Uninstall dkms-driver:

  1. Open terminal in rt8192cu_dkms
  2. Type: sudo make uninstall_dkms

Uninstall dkms-driver manually:

  1. Open terminal
  2. Type: sudo dkms remove -m 8192cu -v --all
  3. Type: sudo rmmod 8192cu
  4. Type: sudo modprobe rtl8192cu


  • Newest realtek driver:
    • Name: RTL8192CU
    • Version: 4.0.2_9000
    • Release: 2013/10/29
  • Tested on Ubuntu & Arch distributions
  • Using procfs implementation from: (tested on kernels up to 4.5)
  • Use makefile to install / uninstall driver