An elegant, minimalist highlighting code editor for Android
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An elegant, minimalist highlighting code editor for Android.

Enlightened gives you a rich editing experience for a number of programming languages. Soon, you will even be able to import your own custom language definitions and themes.

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[NEW] - Use Enlightened's code editor as an Android library!

Enlightened's highlighting editor, which comes with built-in highlighting support for some languages, is now available as an Android library to use in other Android applications!

The library iridiumhighlightingeditor is available in iridiumhighlightingeditor/; add the Enlightened reposistory as a submodule and import the editor library Android module into your project. Then reference it through Gradle by adding it to the dependencies section:

compile project(":iridiumhighlightingeditor")

Enlightened is GPLv3 licensed, so projects using the library must also use the GPLv3.




  • Permissive
  • MaterialFilePicker
  • Material Dialogs
  • Android support v4/appcompat-v7


Copyright © 2016-2017 0xFireball (Nihal Talur), IridiumIon Software. All Rights Reserved.

Enlightened Code Editor is licensed under the GNU General Public License 3.0.