layered and packed asset loading extensions for MonoGame
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layered and packed asset loading extensions for MonoGame

Using layered assets

First, create an instance of LayeredContentManager. Then, you can add content sources (addContentSource) with a corresponding priority (0 is highest priority, greater values are lower priority).

// Add a .pak file as a content source
contentManager.addContentSource(new PakFileContentSource(new PakFile(File.OpenRead("PackedContent.pak"))), 0);

// Add the 'Content' directory for the default loading behavior
contentSource.addContentSource(new DirectoryContentSource("Content"), 1);

Everything else is handled automatically by overriding OpenStream in the ContentManager. You can use the content manager as usual, but assets will be loaded based on this layered priority and from multiple sources.

Creating asset packs

A tool, FFAssetPackTool is included in this repository. Build it from source and use it dotnet FFAssetPackTool.dll to see usage information. Compression does not currently work.

Packed asset format

FFAssetPack provides a custom packed asset format (.pak) for storing assets in a single file. Earlier, LZ4 compression was supported, but since the new format requires stream seeking, it has been disabled.

The format is:

// - Compression Indicator -
// 0x00 - uncompressed, 0x01 - compressed
// - File Index -
// Repeated blocks of format:
// MAGIC:\0x11:int FILE_LENGTH:long PATH_LENGTH:int PATH:string
// - Offsets -
// MAGIC:\0x12:int
// Repeated, corresponds in same order to the entries in the index
// - Data -
// 0x12, Raw file data at the offsets

See the PakFileWriter source file for a reference implementation. PakFile has a reference implementation of a reader.


Sometimes, installing the MGLayers package can cause MonoGame to prioritize MonoGame.Framework.Portable, and this will result in Window being null, likely breaking your game. To solve this, uninstall your platform-specific package (MonoGame.Framework.DesktopGL for example), install MGLayers, then reinstall the platform-specific package.

Copyright © 2017-2018 0xFireball. All Rights Reserved.

Licensed under the Apache License 2.0.