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The GooDork3 development reposititory, this is a non-operational copy of GooDork3 and the pieces of code that will soon be pull together to create the new version.

As soon as all the Goals for this version of GooDork are met the working copy with be commited to the main GooDork repo.

You guys are welcome to help out ;)

Please see the TODO file for more details on contributing to the code. Before contributing or adding code with the purpose of merging it to the main GooDork repository please read the file in the gooLib directory

Direcory structure: gooData --- external data crucial to operation, e.g User-Agent strings, Server domain lists gooLib --- all scripts crucial to the operation of GooDork besides itself I may adopt this as the folder for goo_xml,goo_html,goo_csv,goo_JOSN,---and generally and other output parsers---,goo_rcfile gooCore --- not in use at the moment, I may adopt this as the folder for goo_operator,goo_config,goo_results and goo_netlib