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This file details the todo list for the GooDork3 project
General Rules:
Regex Applications still need to be added in
the methods: inTitle,inBody,inScript,etc.. are
I haven't done any work on the xml parser, if you're going to contribute to this please make sure
you do the following:
*create a goo_xml class
*have the goo_xml object parse the goo_result object
into an xml file
*you may encapsulate the file writting and output in goo_xml
*make sure that goo_operator can parse the goo_operator.results
in one call and have either an xml string be returned or the output file
---whether it be a user supplied file, or stdout---written to.
*please make provision for verbose output during file parsing
no work has been done here as yet
no work has been done here as yet
no work has been done here as yet
* I would also like the OUTPUT transform scripts mentioned about to be able
to handle not only goo_result -> XML/CSV/JSON/HTML but also vice versa!
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