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AVR toolchain for homebrew
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This repository contains the GNU AVR toolchain as formulae for Homebrew.

AVR is a popular family of microcontrollers, used for example in the Arduino project.

Current Versions

  • gcc 4.9.1 (20.3 min)
  • avr-libc 1.8.1 (3.0 min)
  • binutils 2.24 (2.6 min)

Dependencies: 'gmp', 'libmpc', 'mpfr', will be installed with gcc. In parentheses: Build times on a Mac Book Air with i7 1.8GHz CPU.

Installing Homebrew-avr Formulae

Just brew tap 0xPIT/avr and then brew install <formula>.

To install the entire AVR toolchain, run: brew install avr-libc

This will pull in the prerequisites avr-binutils and avr-gcc.

You can also install via URL:

brew install<formula>.rb


brew help, man brew, or the Homebrew wiki.

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