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A Command Line tool for faster, smarter and limitless file sharing.
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About DASH

DASH is a CLI tool for faster, safer and Smarter way to transfer files between two users.


  • Share file of any size.
  • Secured file transfer.
  • A geeky way to transfer files.
  • Direct transfer with a link (No need to share your email, whatsapp no. for transfer).
  • Recieve file only when you want (Till DASH is running).

Getting Started

How it works

  • The Reciever has to start DASH first on his device.
  • It will give you a web link which you have to share with the person Sender.
  • Then Sender need to open that web link in a web browser which has a file uploader and upload the file.
  • At Reciever end, the file gets recived at Desktop(Default Location).


Steps to setup :

  1. git clone
  2. cd dash
  3. pip install -r requirements.txt
  4. sudo python3 ./

Starting DASH :

  1. cd dash/src
  2. python3 ./


Any and all contributions, issues, features and tips are welcome.


DASH is licence under GPL v3.0 license

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