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let AnonTab = `${NoScript + HTTPSEverywhere + PrivateBrowsing + proxy}`;
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let AnonTab = `${NoScript + HTTPSEverywhere + PrivateBrowsing + proxy}`;

What does it do?

AnonTab allows you to browse safely, anonymously and privately to any suspicious URLs from within your everyday browser!

This extension simply equips your web browser with a special tab in which your real IP address is masked via public Google proxy servers; all connections are SSL/TLS encrypted. No tracking, no logs, no scripts and no history entries—totally off the record browsing. Fear not!

Built on top of DOMPurify.


AnonTab Context Menu


Does it leak?

Leakproof against HTTPLeaks:

Leakproof against HTTPLeaks

And also IPLeak:

Leakproof against IPLeaks

Is it secure?

Likely yes. Unless you can bypass both of DOMPurify and the restricted content security policy in place.


  • In Firefox, using the strict protection list for tracking protection can interfere with AnonTab.
  • The default HTTPS proxy used by the extension is hard-coded but is still configurable through the options page.

What do people say about it?

Go check the reviews.


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