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Run locally

yarn hardhat node

Metamask network config

  • Network name: Localhost
  • New RPC URL: http://{{LOCALHOST URL - ie}}:8545
  • Chain ID: 1337

Dev Setup

Make sure to have node installed, need >= 12. Can find the installation here. A node version manager can also be useful, you can read more about it here.

Install yarn: npm install --global yarn
Confirm the installation: yarn --version

Run yarn install to add packages

Follow the hardhat network setup instructions in the Metamask network config section up above. If you do not have metamask installed, you can find it here.

Add funds to your wallet, you can find the instructions below in the Commands section.

Setup your .env.local file. Copy over the .env.local.sample file and fill in the values. Message someone else to get the values.

Common Errors

If you are getting an error on the yarn hardhat node command, you may need to clear out the artifacts/cache. Run yarn hardhat clean, then try again.


// Send funds to local wallet
yarn hardhat seedAccount --network localhost {{YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS}}

// Create split with random recipients
yarn hardhat createSplit --network localhost --size {{SIZE}}