A selection of challenges created for UMDCTF 2017
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A selection of challenges from UMDCTF 2017. UMDCTF was a 6-hour, on-site CTF held April 22nd.


These are available now as a resource for others to use to help practice and teach computer security, CTF, and critical thinking. Each challenge is the respective work of the listed author. The flags are not listed so you can give them to others as a teaching resource without spoiling the challenge, however the SHA-256 sum of every flag is included so you can check your work.

Not every challenge from the CTF is included here, as some required on-site participation or are no longer reachable(such as the badge challenge, web challenges, and any pwn challenges).

Challenge authors


Feel free to use these challenges to help learn and teach others; just provide attribution.

Checking your flags

As mentioned above, the flags are not included. If you wish to check your answer, you may sha256sum it and compare it with the given sum.

To properly generate the sha256 hash for each flag, you may use following:

echo -n "UMDCTF-{unique_part_of_a_flag}" | sha256sum

which would generate the following hash: 6fe5d2a3ff1465d5eaad91deba29b7879ccc46697dfc250a0736ff4fc1f7c9cf