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AVAYA Scopia Desktop
DbNinja Add files via upload Feb 1, 2019
Guriddo Form PHP
KindEditor Update Jan 31, 2019
PHP-Proxy Update _crack-PHP-Proxy.php Nov 30, 2018
SIDU Update Feb 1, 2019


These exploit of CVEs is together with my colleagues.

CVE ID Attack Vector Product Reference
CVE-2019-7748 Broken Authentication DbNinja [1][2]
CVE-2019-7747 Broken Authentication DbNinja [1][2]
CVE-2019-7731 Remote Code Execution (RCE) MyWebSQL [1][2]
CVE-2019-7730 Cross-site request forgery (CSRF) MyWebSQL [1][2]
CVE-2019-7661 (Wait for Published) N/A PHPMyWind [1][2]
CVE-2019-7660 (Wait for Published) N/A PHPMyWind [1][2]
CVE-2019-7547 XSS SIDU [1][2]
CVE-2019-7546 XSS SIDU [1][2]
CVE-2019-7545 XSS DjNinja [1][2]
CVE-2019-7544 XSS MyWebSQL [1][2]
CVE-2019-7543 XSS KindEditor [1][2]
CVE-2019-7316 SQL Injection Chat2 [1][2]
Negotiations Other Apple Webkit [1][2]
CVE-2019-6999 (Mid-2019 Publish) XSS AVAYA Scopia Desktop [1][2]
CVE-2019-6998 (Mid-2019 Publish) XFS AVAYA Scopia Desktop [1][2]
CVE-2019-6798 SQL Injection phpMyAdmin [1][2]
CVE-2018-19970 Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) phpMyAdmin [1][2]
CVE-2018-19785 Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) PHP-Proxy [1][2]
CVE-2018-19784 Sensitive Data Exposure PHP-Proxy [1][2]
CVE-2018-20420 Incorrect Access Control webERP [1][2]
CVE-2018-19436 SQL Injection-3 webERP [1][2]
CVE-2018-19435 SQL Injection-2 webERP [1][2]
CVE-2018-19434 SQL Injection-1 webERP [1][2]
CVE-2018-19340 XSS Guriddo Form PHP [1][2]
CVE-2018-18950 Directory Traversal KindEditor [1][2]
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