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WebERP SQL injection Vulnerability Description

Testing Target


The CollectiveWorkOrderCost.php have SQL Injection vulnerability in SearchParts parameter, here will be to guess the database version and user as an example.


  1. First, we download the latest version from the official website and build default demo environment. Then login with the default account password.

  2. Click Manufacturing -> Multiple Work Orders Total Cost Inquiry, we came to CollectiveWorkOrderCost.php pages.

  3. In this page, we click Search Items Now and using Burp Suite intercept packet.

  4. Here we insert SQL Injection Payload after the SearchParts parameter.

  • Full Payload:&Submit=&WO_1)union/**/select/**/null,@@version,null,null,null,null,(null=on
  1. That cool we successfully obtained the DB version.

  2. Try another payload and successfully get the current webERP user.


The webERP is a very popular ERP software in Asia. This is a very serious problem, because attackers can quickly obtain sensitive information about enterprise ERP.