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a Twitter ActivityPub gateway
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An ActivityPub gateway for Twitter.

Currently features:

  • Profiles
  • Tweets and conversations, including emojis, links, mentions and images
  • Redirections to Twitter for browsers
  • A minimal web interface to generate new URLs

As a Mastodon user (or anything ActivityPub-compatible), it mostly means you can:

  • Easily refer to tweets by replacing the domain name
  • Open those tweet URLs in Mastodon's search box and make it pull the tweets and profiles
  • Boost those tweets as any toot, which is much better than quoting and using "" unless they support ActivityPub. It will have a correct timestamp, the right user image and profile, and a proper link back to it.

Technically, it's a Go http server that shows endpoints mirroring Twitter's URLs. Depending on the Accept header, it will redirect requests to Twitter or serve an ActivityPub server-to-server API. Everything is currently fetched by parsing the HTML of Twitter's main site, as it doesn't require authentication and doesn't rate-limit as aggressively as the API, which is a sad state for a modern service.

This project is not maintained.

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