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Glorytales Music Collection

Preview Playlist Here! To download the whole set, use a git client or click "Download ZIP" in the upper-right corner of this page. To save an individual song file, go to the tracks folder, click on the one you want, then right-click and save-as the "view raw" link.

This is a growing collection of fantasy soundtrack music composed by @0xabad1dea and licensed under Creative Commons Attribution. What this means is that you may:

– Incorporate the songs into anything, such as a video game, a movie, a school project, etc

– Regardless of whether it is free, for-profit, etc

– As long as I am clearly credited (in a way that enables others to find this repository, specifically with a URL when possible) and a notice that the CC-BY 4.0 license applies to the music is included. You may name me as either 0xabad1dea or Melissa Elliott. You may not imply that I endorse your work.

I do not currently have a patreon, because of reasons relating to disability insurance, but may in the future. My costs to maintain my licenses for professional virtual instruments are $30/mo.

My creative output is stuttery but expect two or three new tracks a month. I am cursed with severe hyperacusis but I am striving to improve and become an absolutely top-notch game music composer.


The music is provided at a very high bitrate of 320kbps in MP3 format. Completely uncompressed versions are not included in an effort to respect Github's 1GB repository size as the collection grows. If you are absolutely desperate for a pristine version of a specific song, I do have the 24-bit aiffs of all of them (but most of the source instruments are 16-bit).

The naming convention is as follows: 001-BombasticOpening-100BPM-noloop.mp3 where the first number is the Glorytales track number and the second number is the beat to help you coordinate animations. An ambient track will have 0BPM. "loop" and "noloop" designate whether the loop point is seamless. Some tracks will come in both versions. There may also be extras such as just the rhythm or just a particular flourish in a file by itself.

Any synthetic voices are singing absolute nonsense or benign public domain texts.

I have a neurological condition which makes it difficult for me to judge how loud something will seem to the average person. If it seems wrong to you, it probably is, feel free to open an issue.

I will not accept pull requests to this repository with other composers' music. Glorytales is my personal art project.


001 – Bombastic Opening Big brass, delicate flutes, castle at the foot of the mountains beneath a big blue sky.

002 – Start Menu Screen Soft chimes and harp, contemplative, new game or continue?

003 – Dark Backstory March Heavy drums, steady beat, militant and evil.

004 – Tutorial Cheerful whistles and glock, the fairy is happy to explain the controls.

005 – Historic Village Melancholy cello in a village of mossy stone houses.

006 – Rhythm Battle Drums, rattles, strings and trumpets at the duel.

007 – Magical Forest A sad violin and chimes. A talking tree needs your help. (While this has a loop version, I don't consider it as seamless as I'd like.)

008 – The Sky Clears A children's choir beneath a quiet starlit night.

009 – Chromatic Towers An electric beat-driven dungeon song inspired by Caves of Qud (with creators' blessing).

010 – Moody and Sad A looping arrangement of the public domain song "Oh why am I moody and sad" from the opera "Ruddigore". A nobleman villain feel.

011 – Happy Birthday A simple accordion arrangement of a public domain tune.

012 – Ominous Overworld Drone For empty, haunted wastelands.

013 – Long Road A caravan crosses the wilderness.

014 – Cat's-Eye Waltz A romantic, dashing figure.

Pico-8 Music!

I've found that I can work with the Pico-8 tracker on my tiny laptop when I'm sick in bed which is basically always so these are easier to produce. The raw export wav encoded as mp3 are in tracks/pico8. I will try to get around to redoing any I particularly like in full soundfont glory.

Pico 001 – Wistful Waltz raw p8/preview html5 9 patterns/6 song slots/3 channels. I think this sounds like if the (round shy ghosts) from (successful platformer franchise) had a party

Pico 002 – Castle Ruins raw p8/preview html5 10 patterns/8 song slots/3 channels. Pretty dramatic

Pico 003 – Raindrops raw p8/preview html5 I forget patterns/8 song slots/3 channels. I originally wrote this on impulse for a friend's colorful platformer proof of concept