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We skipped a month, please don't sue us. We will try to stay more on top of it.
Nov 30 - January 30, 2018
66 Orders!
Because we are batching two months together:
26 in December
40 in January!
That's good! Sales are going up!
In those orders were 186 grin-related products to be unleashed into the world.
All these are worth (ignoring discounts because it makes everything more fun):
$5,208.12 USD!
And comes out to just about $84/day in sales.
Unfortunately everyone and their mother paid with Monero and received 33% discounts...
Which means people only gave us some $3,468.61.
And 642.50 went towards shipping costs;
Which brings our net sales closer to $2826.11
And our margins are not as thick as they ought to be since the TMGOX bootstraps don't carry much weight yet.
So the expenses were 1,473.93...
which makes our grand total of net sales
$1,352.18 US Dollars
Subtract some misc expenses:
Monthly expenses:
1. Website, $32 (x2)
2. Domains, $5 (x2)
3. Automation, $7 (x2)
Raw Materials/Printing
1. $1,473.93
Shipping Expenses
1. 642.5
Total costs:
Net Sales:
So we sent 0.41196 BTC to the grin general development fund!
The pudding:
That's still almost $8,000/year, which isn't going to send anyone to college (well maybe one kid), but hopefully the trend upwards will continue.
Plus we are spreading grin-cheer in the world, while making a small dent in developer expenses.
We are very grateful to play a small part in the ecosystem.
Remember, every donation to Grin through TMGOX comes with a guaranteed return!
Please consider donating directly as well:
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