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A tool to run .Net DLLs from the command line
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RunDotNetDll32 - Execute a .Net DLL method from the command line

Execute a static method with Assembly.LoadFile

rundotnetdll32.exe assembly.dll,class,method arguments

Execute a static method with Type.GetType

rundotnetdll32.exe -t assembly.dll,class,method arguments

  • Execute Implant.RunCMD method

    • rundotnetdll32.exe -t WheresMyImplant.dll,Implant,RunCMD whoami

Listing the contents of and assembly

  • Listing namespaces in an assembly

    • rundotnetdll32.exe -l WheresMyImplant.dll
  • Listing classes in a namespace

    • rundotnetdll32.exe -l WheresMyImplant.dll -n WheresMyImplant
  • Listing methods in a class

    • rundotnetdll32.exe -l WheresMyImplant.dll -n WheresMyImplant -c Implant
  • Listing parameters for a method

    • rundotnetdll32.exe -l WheresMyImplant.dll -n WheresMyImplant -c Implant -m RunPowerShell
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