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This repository holds code snippets to be provided alongside with submissions from team FHDO to the DFUC 2020 (, associated with the MICCAI 2020 ( A paper on the used dataset is available on arXiv (

Thus, at the moment the code snippets may not be of use for anyone else than the challenge hosts. After the challenge results have been published on 15 August 2020, this repository shall be closed and re-opened later in favor of a less specific and more tidy code base.

The snippets were tested and verified using the YOLOv5 commit a1c8406 ( and may thus only work on with commit in particular. However, using later commits may have beneficial effects on resulting performances. At the moment, YOLOv5 is still in a volatile developmental state in regards to bug fixes and restructuring.

The following submissions were sent in, relying on the snippets:

  • 1debdd79-27b3-4ed5-a7f2-095b8601056e (Run: FHDO_YOLOv5_CLEAN_NLM_E60_SELF_E90)
  • da593d93-4677-4f97-b491-f6d5f381d85f (Run: FHDO_YOLOv5_CLEAN_NLM_E60_SELF_E100)
  • a97100bd-7be5-4384-82b1-37ded9f430ec (Run: FHDO_YOLOv5_CLEAN_NLM_E60_SELF_E120)
  • 70088e78-e059-47c3-9759-9d59e836859c (Run: FHDO_YOLOv5_CLEAN_NLM_E60_SELF_E100_TTA_NMS)
  • 95dfde10-6a9c-4c56-bc7f-c2a5bad57d3e (Run: FHDO_YOLOv5_CLEAN_NLM_E80_SELF_E120_TTA_NMS)

Resulting weights and predictions can be obtained from the stated Sciebo cloud storage ( using the password provided alongside with the supplementary information.

The challenge hosts may please not hesitate to contact team FHDO in case they are facing problems working with the provided solutions.


Code snippets provided alongside with a submission to the DFUC 2020.



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