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CLURLConnection is a drop-in replacement for NSURLConnection. It is mostly identical to NSURLConnection, except in the following areas.

• Handle HTTP errors with NSError

A NSURLConnection will send the connection:didReceiveData: and connectionDidFinishLoading: messages to its delegate, even if the HTTP status code is greater or equal to 400. The Hypertext Transfer Protocol (RFC 2616) states that 4xx and 5xx status codes are respectively client errors and server errors. A CLURLConnection will instead send the connection:didFailWithError: message to its delegate with an appropriate NSError of the HTTPErrorDomain. By default, the body of the HTTP response is ignored. Still, if you need the HTTP body, you can configure the behaviour of CLURLConnection instances with -[CLURLConnection setWantsHTTPErrorBody:YES]. You then obtain the HTTP body as NSData with [[error userInfo] objectForKey:HTTPBody].

• Fix scheduling documentation bug

NSURLConnection documentation states:

At creation, a connection is scheduled on the current thread (the one where the creation takes place) in the default mode.

This is not accurate! A connection is scheduled on the current thread in the default mode only if the connection starts immediately. If you use initWithRequest:delegate:startImmediately: and pass startImmediately:NO, the connection is not scheduled and your application will crash. See Why does -[NSURLConnection start] crash? for more information.

• Automatic network activity indicator on iOS

On iOS, applications performing network connections are supposed to indicate their activity by toggling the UIApplication networkActivityIndicatorVisible property. Doing this manually is tedious. CLURLConnection takes care of automatically showing and hiding the network activity indicator. CLURLConnection even toggles the network activity indicator for NSURLConnection instances. This is useful if you are using a library which creates NSURLConnection instances.


First, add

#import "CLURLConnection.h"

in your prefix header file (*_Prefix.pch), then just replace every occurrence of [NSURLConnection alloc] with [CLURLConnection alloc] and [NSURLConnection connectionWithRequest:…] with [CLURLConnection connectionWithRequest:…] in your project source code.

Nothing is required for NSURLConnection instances to benefit from the automatic network activity indicator, just compile the CLURLConnection.m file in your project.


CLURLConnection is not intended to be subclassed. Subclassing would not work properly because of the allocWithZone: override trick. If you want to add your fixes to NSURLConnection, you are welcome to contribute.


Thanks to Mike Abdullah for reviewing my code.