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Asset certification module for 0xcert Framework.

// Define arbitrary data object.
const data = { ... };

// Define certificate with JSON schema definition.
const cert = new Cert({ schema: { ... } });

// Notarize data object (returns all recipes for all data keys).
const recipes = await cert.notarize(data);

// Expose selected data keys (returns recipes and exposed values from which an imprint can be calculated).
const recipes = await cert.disclose(data, [ ...paths ]);

// Verify data object against recipes generated with function `disclose` (if object is valid, an imprint is the root hash).
const imprint = await cert.calculate(data, recipes);

// Generate root hash from complete data object.
const imprint = await cert.imprint(data);

The 0xcert Framework is a free and open-source JavaScript library that provides tools for building powerful decentralized applications. Please refer to the official documentation for more details.

This module is one of the bricks of the 0xcert Framework. It's written with TypeScript and it's actively maintained. The source code is available on GitHub where you can also find our issue tracker.

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