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Generic binary file parser
JavaScript Python CSS
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IceBuddha a hex-viewer and generic binary file parser done via static web pages and with in-browser python-to-javascript translation for the parse scripts.

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IceBuddha was developed by @0xdabbad00 (Scott Piper) from Summmit Route


MIT License

Thank you

Special thanks to the following projects/people for making this site possible:

  • skulpt In-browser Python to JavaScript compiler. This project is insane. (MIT license)
  • jqTree Allows me to show my tree view of the parsed data. (Apache license)
  • jQuery.ScrollTo Makes the browser scroll. (MIT and GPL licenses)
  • Waypoints Causes events to occur when you scroll. (MIT and GPL licenses)
  • ACE editor Code-editor. (BSD license)
  • FileSaver.js and BlobBuilder.js, which I use to have the user download files from their browser (MIT/X11 license).
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