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Musings on following our own paths

(Rough notes originally written on 11/03/2014 on my phone. Been searching for where I put this for a while, and not sure if/when I will polish/finish it, so figured I would post it here.)

Inspiration: Write up my musings on 'we are alone/follow our own paths'

We are all alone, but not in a lonely way. We follow our own path through life, progressing at our own pace an learning what we need to when we need to.

Being alone on our path doesn't mean we can't share experiences with others. Love, friendships, joy, sadness, pain. Many times we will find people who are on similar paths to us and we will learn an grow together as our paths are entwined. But as closely aligned as we may seem at times, we are still on our own journey, and we may find that our paths diverge again as we follow our own path.

We share good times with people and bad experiences, but they all add up to being who we are today. Be thankful for the good and learn from the mistakes that were made, but even if you're paths no longer follow the same direction, be thankful for the experiences that were had.

As we follow our paths we may meet up with people again that we once were close with, and this is not only ok but can be wonderful. Don't hold on to how things were, but instead embrace them for the wonderfulness of what now is. You have both grown and changed through your unique experiences, and to hold to the way things were denies that development.

We grow the most when we allow ourselves to follow our own path, and live for us. Trying to force yourself to change for someone else, or to fit into their mould, following their footsteps holds us back.

To expand: don't be constrained by perceptions/expectations of how things should be/what is the 'right thing to do'