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Musings from Regrowth 2014

(I've been meaning to post this for a while, but hadn't quite written it up properly. Decided that this version was good enough, so here it is.)

The most important thing is to have fun and enjoy yourself. Do what makes you happy, so long as what you do doesn't have a negative impact on others or interfere with their enjoyment of life.

If you're doing something you enjoy, and doing it for yourself then it doesn't matter if people see you or not. Don't feel self conscious about whether others may see what you do as showing off or being arrogant if you are doing it for you.

Even though we do things for our own enjoyment primarily, other people may still appreciate/be interested in/intrigued by what we do, and our ability to do it.

Doing something that others find impressive is perfectly fine, so long as we don't do it to show off or try and be better than others. By this same regard, we should be thankful for the admiration/interest shown by others for your skills, just as we are appreciative of others for sharing their talents with us.

Even if something looks fluid and effortless it doesn't mean it was always so. We need to work hard to learn, grow and develop our talents if we want to see them flourish. It's ok to not be amazing at something, but if we want to improve we need to apply ourselves and practice.

We should share our talents and embrace others to learn from theirs. Together we can learn faster, improve further and achieve incredible things.

Don't allow yourself to be constrained by others views of what 'the right thing to do' is. Only you can truly know and feel what is right for you. This doesn't mean you can't look to others for opinions, but know that ultimately the only person who can make a decision for you, is you. If you believe something isn't right for you, then don't do it.