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Musings on fear, pain, lessons and masks

(Sometimes I ponder things, sometimes things seem to keep coming up, sometimes I take the time to stop and try and put the repetitive rattlings in my brain into some sort of semi coherent word dump.)

Fear is a mirror illuminating the things you most need to work on. Lessons will repeat themselves, increasing in magnitude, until they are learned.

Just because something hurts, doesn't mean it's bad. The biggest growth springs from the deepest pain. Change is hard. Sit with the pain. Feel it. Explore it. Breathe through it.

It can feel unbearable, like it's tearing you apart, like you're breaking and will never come back from it. But you can. And you will.

Standing on the edge of a ledge/plane your body screams no, that it's wrong, that you will die, that you can't. You step through it, and the panic sets in, you feel sick, it's unbearable. Then the bungee/chute catches you, you're alive, and you're safe.

Our experiences are what shaped us to be who we are today, but that doesn't mean the past should control our future. Life is a choice. We can choose to hold onto the things that hinder and weigh us down; or we can choose to acknowledge that they happened, then move forward without their burden.

Throw off the masks of things that don't serve you. Don't wear your wounds as armour. Can't doesn't exist. Never is impossible. Accept it, feel it, then let it go.

Framing makes all the difference. Grief for love lost, or joy for experiences shared? Feed the wolf that makes you stronger, rather than the one holding you back.

The unknown can be terrifying, while familiarity is safe. But locked in the darkness you'll never experience the amazing beauty, colour and excitement of the world hidden just outside the tunnel. The exit could be right around the corner.

Reality, heartless. Protecting, enabling. Connecting, draining. Fear, love. True for me, true for others? Constant dualities. Both, neither, all or none? Unknowns.