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Choices and consequences. Truth. Path.

Choices and consequences. It’s easy to be busy, to run from place to place, to do all the things. But why are you doing them? Is it because the things themselves are inherently what you want? Or are they an attempted means to find something? If you’re searching through them, is it effective? Is it doing what you wanted? Or is it an endless search; a repeating story circling and circling? Are the things you want already there, but you’re too ‘busy’ to see? Or maybe you should be more active and stop passively expecting things to fall into place?

Busy is an easy excuse, and an even easier one when you manifest it through your choices. But what happens once it’s there, and you start choosing busy over the things you actually enjoy. What happens when the things you enjoy lose their magic and just turn into more busy? Another mark on a calendar, another reason you can’t do something else. Time and money spent, but for what? At that point is it even fun anymore? Or does it just blend into this grey of busy that seems to multiply and fill everything; draining the colour and passion from the world; blinding you to the things that really matter, the people that matter; making choices not from passion anymore, but from some distorted story on a path winding nowhere.

What is it you truly want? What lies at the heart of all of these choices? Your truth. Your longing. That which ignites you and fills the world with colour and joy. What makes you feel energised? Find it. Cultivate it. Cherish it. This is your truth. This is your path.