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To our teachers, guides.. thankyou

This is a shout-out to all the teachers in our life, the guides, those that hold space for us, listen to us, receive us as we are, and through their power, guide us. The obvious and the subtle. The direct and indirect. The long lasting and the brief.

There are so many people that walk with and guide us on our journeys. Whether we notice it (whether they even realise it), the energy, love, compassion and time these people share is a true gift. A gift that goes beyond what we often can even articulate. Those aspects that shape our very being, and can shift us onto a path we didn’t even realise existed, but that speaks directly to our truth.

Far too often in life we are focussed on the next step forward, but it’s important to look back as well, to realise the path we’ve taken, and who has been there for us along the way. A teacher, a friend, an instructor, a lover, perhaps just that chance encounter. Take a moment to truly appreciate all that they have shared with you, and carry that forward in your own capacity to share your gifts with others. Maybe you even feel able to share what it means to you with those that helped you along your path. Even if words aren’t your thing, even if you don’t know how to share it directly, is there a way you can share your gratitude that is authentic to you?

To those out there giving and guiding us on our journeys, know that even if it isn’t said directly, that what you do is important, beautiful, and deeply appreciated. Thank you for what you do, for the energy you bring, for the time you spend, for the space you hold. Thank you for being you, and sharing your light with the world. Thank you. <3