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Digital Communication

It’s interesting the depth of conversation and topic you can explore, and how much you can connect and communicate with someone through digital means; even when you’ve barely interacted in the real world.

Social media, chat, and other means of digital communication in this modern age can absolutely connect and deepen our relationships as human beings; when used as a tool in addition to the myriad of other experiences available to us.

Using these digital tools consciously and actively to deepen, broaden, and explore our similarities and our uniqueness. Not just mindlessly scrolling, passively consuming and reacting to the little dopamine surges it induces.

What’s your relationship with these digital tools like? Does it add to your life? How could you align the way you use and interact with them to reach your highest truth? To make and deepen those connections that ignite you.

Are you passively connected to someone you would like to know and actively engage with? What’s stopping you? Is there something you could do right now to take a step towards that reality?