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Musings on living a weird life

From my view, I often have been the outsider or not quite fit in or whatever; and in the past that caused me to question myself or want to change aspects to fit in, or just be super down about it or whatever. But over time I’ve kind of ‘come into my own’ with it.

Yeah, I’m weird, and don’t fit into those boxes of societal norms, and I can be challenging and confronting to people who never question what’s outside that box, that are content in their blissful ignorance, the safety of the known and accepted. But you know what? I wouldn’t change who I am for the world.

It may be the harder path, playing life on max difficulty, but in doing so you learn so much more, and get to explore so many features and aspects that you’d miss if you just blew through the main quest. It can be solitary at times, but that just gives me an opportunity to focus on understanding myself better, reflecting, learning and growing; so that when I do reach my light out into the world again, I can connect on a higher and truer level with those that I meet that align.

And when I do meet those people; where we can truly connect and bond in the fullness of who we are, not looking to fill gaps within ourselves, but as a union greater than the sum of it’s parts; that is beautiful, and powerful, and so much more for the journey we each took to reach that place.