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Musings on relationship endings

From a conversation this morning on love and relationships:

I think I feel like people who are co-dependent are also those that can be so intense in their love, and so intense when it breaks down. And because of that and how common it is, that’s what people see as ‘normal’, and ‘normal’ is how it ‘should’ be.

Which I feel is also why when I don’t react that way at the end of a rel for example, that’s when people get all uppity about me ‘not feeling’.

Like, yeah it sucks that this thing that was good is ending, and it hurts, but I’ll feel and process that, and I’ll continue my life. I won’t ‘fight’ to ‘keep’ you, because you were never mine to possess. We shared a beautiful experience together, and I will forever get to hold that in my memory, along with the things I learned along the way; but now that experience is changing as we move on in our journeys, and that is ok.