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Futurism. Optimism. Abundance.

“I don’t want to ask questions because I’ll look stupid”. So many silly little patterns and traumas society has programmed into our minds around these sorts of things.

I feel like ultimately, if I could make myself redundant then the job I was doing probably wasn’t worth me doing it. Like if it’s some repeatable thing then automate it, etc. If someone learning what I know replaces the need for me, then either we aren’t chasing enough of that kind of work, or it frees me up to go and move on to solving another area.

I feel like too much of societies thinking is stuck in that scarcity kind of mindset, needing to hoard/protect some finite resources, defending their territory and ego like their life depended on it. Too deeply identified with the emotions, triggers and patterns that they can’t even comprehend how it could be another way.

I guess I take a more optimistic futurist abundance kind of standpoint. Tech advancement is accelerating at an exponential pace we can’t even really cognitively comprehend, and with that we are going to see entire classes of what used to be ‘scarce’ resources become freely available and abundant.

I feel like we need to harness those sorts of things openly, and for the better good of the whole. If we had a single collective solve a problem properly, and make the solution available to all, we would save all of the effort of trying to solve that problem again and again in isolation, hoarding the result. And that frees everyone up to move on to solving the next problem.

It’s why I believe in open source, open information/sharing, etc. Obviously there is still a $$ factor (at least at this stage), and so protect your ‘core business’ to still make your $$, but don’t needlessly abuse/inflate that price. Or if you end up with mega $$ like the big tech companies of the world, turn those resources to challenging the status quo and help to speed in this post-scarcity revolution.