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Playing around with OWASP ZAP API's and Automation
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Playing around with OWASP ZAP automation using zaproxy/zap-api-go.


docker-compose up -d
go run *.go

The ZAP proxy is available at:

ZAP Baseline Scan

This will run the baseline scan as configured in docker-compose-run.yml:


The results are written out to ./reports/. You can use jq to extract various information from the json output:

jq '.site.alerts[] | "\(.name) \t[\(.riskdesc)]"' ./reports/

Web UI

If you want to use the ZAP WebSwing UI, you will have to:

  • Change the zaproxy service in the ``docker-compose.ymlfile to use theowasp/zap2docker-stable` image
  • Change the zaproxy command to call

Once everything is started up, you can then access the UI at:

Note: It seems that enabling this will break any 'normal' port/proxy capability, including the API. It also seems as though the run script for this doesn't allow command line arguments to be passed to the proxy itself.


Potential Issues

  • You can scan the hackables using their 'docker-compose service name' and 'internal port' (as this is from the perspective of the ZAP container), eg.
    • http://bodgeit:8080/bodgeit/
    • http://juiceshop:3000
  • zaproxy container logs show error 'URL Not Found in the Scan Tree'
    • You need to access/spider a URL before you can scan it.
    • You may have tried to scan a URL, which is going to reference the ZAP container.. not the local machine.
  • main.go produces an error such as spider error: invalid character '<' looking for beginning of value
    • You're probably running the WebUI version, which seems incompatible with the API..
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