Capcom System I, II, III and SNK Neo Geo emulator for OS X
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FinalBurn X


FinalBurn X is a port of FinalBurn Alpha to OS X. The goal of FinalBurn X is the emulation of Capcom Systems I, II, III and SNK Neo Geo.

The emulator is incomplete, but playable.

(The screenshot doesn't belong to any of the four, but I couldn't resist the reference)

To Play

  1. Launch the emulator
  2. Drop any ZIP files over the Launcher window. If the ROM set is supported, FinalBurn X will import it automatically

Note that to play Neo Geo games, the Neo Geo BIOS ( is required.


Capcom: 1,5,A,S,D,Z,X,C for 1P Start,1P Coin,Jab,Strong,Fierce,Short,Forward and Roundhouse, respectively.

Neo Geo: 1,5,Z,X,C,V for 1P Start,1P Coin,A,B,C and D, respectively.


  • Only ZIP-compressed ROMs are currently supported
  • Controls are not yet configurable