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blueberryMSX is a port of blueMSX to Raspberry Pi.

Emulator runs from the command line, with same arguments as the Windows/SDL versions and supports joysticks/joypads. Because it draws directly to framebuffer, it does not need a windowing environment and can be run without X.


  • Press F12 to quit
  • Press F11 to disable frame skipping
  • Press F10, F9, F8 to set frame skipping to 1, 2, 3, respectively

Current Status

On the original Raspberry Pi, the emulator performs best at 900MHz (Medium overclock setting in raspi-config). On Raspberry Pi 2, it runs full speed on the factory setting. By default, MoonSound, MSX Audio, and MSX Music are disabled.


Version 0.6 is the latest.


To build blueberryMSX, install libSDL:

sudo apt-get install libsdl-dev

and libudev:

sudo apt-get install libudev-dev

To compile with GPIO support:

  1. Download and install the [wiringPi library] (
  2. Add the RASPI_GPIO macro to the list of flags: CFLAGS += -DRASPI_GPIO by uncommenting line 45

For now, GPIO is limited to dedicated LED's for MSX Power, and FDD0/FDD1 activity. See the schematic in [Doc/GPIO_schema.png] (/Doc/GPIO_schema.png).

Note that the executables compiled with RASPI_GPIO require superuser privileges to run (e.g. sudo bluemsx-pi).

Current Goals

  • Add a simple game selection screen