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A hacker's guide to using the Stellar blockchain platform.
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Hacking Stellar is an open-source e-book on Stellar, the decentralized payment network, which allows financial institutions, businesses, and individuals around the world to transact quickly and reliably.

This online book introduces you to Stellar with lots of practical examples using the command-line client, Lumen, and moves on to building complete applications using the Javascript and Go libraries.

Table of Contents

Possible future chapters (vote for your favourite)

  • Chapter X. Building an Anchor
  • Chapter X. Key management and security
  • Chapter X. Hacking Stellar with Go
  • Chapter X. Hacking Stellar with JavaScript
  • Chapter X. How Stellar Works
  • Chapter X. Appendix: Blockchains


We welcome all kinds of contributors -- reviewers, editors, and hackers to try out the examples and spot bugs.

If you'd like to support this project with lumens, send them to: GDEVC4BOVFMB46UHGJ6NKEBCQVY5WI56GOBWPG3QKS4QV4TKDLPE6AH6.


Creative Commons License
Hacking Stellar by Mohit Cheppudira is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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