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"apiKey": "kt-JH7P34VV62F3LUH3QC01N99LIIKIA8V7",
"merchant": {
"name": "Kev's Vegan Blog"
"product": {
"id": "10001",
"name": "Online donation",
"description": "Donation to Kev's Vegan Blog",
"url": "",
"price": 1.0,
"currency": "CAD"
"destination": {
"url": "",
"method": "GET",
"sendReceipt": false
"button": {
"slider": true,
"palette": "blue",
"min": 0,
"max": 2,
"text": "ADD A TIP",
"paidText": "THANK YOU!"
"theme": {
"name": "vegout",
"palette": "blue",
"icon": "favorite",
"title": "Blue Eggs and Ham",
"message": "Recipe for Mo's famous Blue Eggs and Ham. Pay what you want, and dig in.",
"allowSkip": true,
"skipText": "No thanks! Take me Mo's Magnificent Meals."
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