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Node cli to casually harvest captchas from supremenewyork and others
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captcha-harvester spins up a localhost server to harvest captchas from supremenewyork. Uses puppeteer project to open chromium browsers. Google account one click support via cookies. Cookies can be retrieved via a basic request to localhost:3001/fetch. Captcha tokens are removed on successful fetch.

How to install

Installing from npm is the easiest way to get up and running.

npm: npm install captcha-harvester -g

yarn: yarn global add captcha-harvester


captcha-harvester supports a few commands to make things easy.

  • captcha-harvester -h|--help - Returns all available commands.
  • captcha-harvester init|initialize - Initialize captcha preferences.
  • captcha-harvester sg|setgoogle - Set Google account to be used.
  • captcha-harvester hc|harvestcaptcha --set [url] [sitekey] - Starts localhost server to harvest captcha tokens.

Getting started

After installation to increase our likelihood of getting one-clicks, we are going to first initalize captcha-harvester with captcha-harvester init then we can run captcha-harvester sg to set the google account we are going to use. Your Google account information is stored locally in your appdata path.

captcha-harvester init
captcha-harvester sg
captcha-harvester hc

You now have a captcha-harvester running at localhost:3001. To retrieve captcha tokens make a request to loclahost:3001/fetch.

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