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A New Advanced Token Standard for Ethereum

This standard defines a new way to interact with a Token Contract. This standard takes advantage of ERC820.

⚠️ This code has not been reviewed or audited. ⚠️

Please review all the code you use in your token-related project including the code provided here. The code here is provided "as is" without warranty of any kind and The authors are not liable as mentioned in the license.


The official proposal can be found at:

The original submission with discussion can be found at: ethereum/eips/issues#777 (initial pull request: ethereum/eips/issues#907).

You can suggest improvements to the reference implementation by submitting pull requests to this repository with modifications to

For suggestions related to the standard, please comment on the original submission at: ethereum/eips/issues#777


A copy of the specification can be found in this repository at

Reference Implementation

The reference implementation is available at: contracts/examples/ReferenceToken.sol

This repository including the specification and the reference implementation can be installed via npm with:

npm install erc777


The logo MUST NOT be used to advertise, promote or associate in any way technology – such as tokens – which is not ERC777 compliant.

The official logo for the standard can be found in the official EIPs repository at: /ethereum/EIPs/assets/eip-777/logo.
Copies of the logo are provided here as well as a courtesy and can be found in the logo folder in svg and png formats.

Variations exist in 5 colors as follow:

Color beige white light grey
dark grey
Hex #C99D66 #FFFFFF #EBEFF0 #3C3C3D #000000

Thanks to Samantha Rosso @Sauuman for creating the logo.


The standard definition as defined in and the official logo are placed in the public domain via CC0.

Apart from the standard definition (in and the logo, the content of this repository is licensed under the Mozilla Public License ("MPL") 2.0, also included in this repository in the LICENSE file.