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Mission templates for Zeus sessions mainly but a solid foundation to mission builders as well
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While creating some Zeus templates for my ARMA 3 unit ( I've asked myself why not to share the result and the mission files to the public so everyone can potentially benefit from it. As a template for us it will depend on our modset. However the goal in mind is to just make a solid foundation and not place any mod related objects. So removing unused mods from the templates should just be easily done. Keep in mind, that we are building our templates with ACEX headless clients in mind. We highly advice to keep them because it just improves ai, performance, and stability by a huge factor! Be advised that we actively develop these templates for our own needs mostly. Please see "How to change things" for further customization towards your own needs.

Design philosophy

Initially I wanted to build a template we can use to play Zeus missions on the map Rosche. From just two squads and an ACE arsenal box it quickly developed into a fully fledged, 84 players capable, mission template with a correct slot list and whatnot. This development were quickly adopted by our mission builders, because those templates delivered a solid foundation to build upon without the hour long hassle of setting up Fire Teams, squads and platoons.

"Why not just upload it to workshop?"

The answer is simple: I am to lazy to host our own git repository on our server. Thus said I am a huge supporter of the free and open source movement. Also I've received so many support and good times over the last years since I've came into the ARMA series with ARMA 3 that it was time to give something back to this outstanding community!


Platoon Leadership/HQ - Warrior 1

  • Platoon Leader
  • Platoon Sergeant
  • Platoon Medic
  • Joint Terminal Attack Controller
  • Forward Observer

Squads - Warrior 1-1 to 1-3

  • Squad Leader
  • Squad Medic
  • Alpha/Bravo Fire Team Leader
  • Alpha/Bravo Machine Gunner
  • Alpha/Bravo Grenadier
  • Alpha/Bravo Rifleman

Squads - Warrior 1-3

  • Squad Leader
  • Squad Medic
  • Machinegunner
  • Assistant Machinegunner
  • Machinegunner
  • Assistant Machinegunner
  • Missile Specialist
  • Assistant Missile Specialist
  • Missile Specialist

Fixed Wing Aviation - Falcon 1-1 to 1-4

  • Pilot
  • Weapon Systems Officer

Rotary Aviation - Super 1-1 to 1-4

  • Pilot
  • Co-Pilot
  • Crewman
  • Crewman

Armored Support - Outlaw 1-1 to 1-3

  • Commander
  • Driver
  • Gunner

Recon Element - Stalker 1-1 to 1-2

  • Recon Team Leader
  • Sniper
  • Spotter

Mortar Team - Blackhsheep 1-1

  • Team Leader
  • Mortar Gunner
  • Mortar Loader
  • Driver

Logistics - Workhorse 1-1

  • Logistic Leader
  • Logistic Assistant
  • Logistic Assistant
  • Logistic Assistant
  • Logistic Medic


  • Zeus
  • Zeus
  • Co-Zeus

Loadout script

We are using a fixed loadout, seperated on four boxes for different armies:

  • US Army (Multicam/VSM)
  • Bundeswehr (Tropentarn/BWMod/BW-Kleiderkammer)
  • Russian Army (EMR/RHSAFRF)

Together with the loadout the unit/player is set either as medic, engineer or neither depending on the role selected.

How to change things?

Group names

You can change the group names to your own needs in the mission.sqm. You need to add a @ to one of the groups member. This is usually been done to the first member (e. g. Squad Leader). Group members and role descriptions are changed in 3Den itself.

Group members

Just delete or add group members through 3Den! Keep in mind, that the slots (group wise like member wise) in the slot list are showing up in the exact same order, you've placed them. This could make it mandatory to start from scratch if you make an error.


You can find loadouts files in the "loadouts" folder. There you can add or change loadouts! If you add new roles, remember to add these in CfgFunctions.hpp

Mod dependency

In the mission.sqm is nearly no dependency, just CBA_3. If you wanna build on this template you can either build with dependencys or without.

Available Maps

Required mods

Our modset (ease of use usage for the templates)

We don't offer this for permanent use. We are fine to set you up with a working version of our own modset. If you are interested in using it for your own unit, please consider setting up an own repository through Arma3Sync or Swifty! If we encounter a huge jump in our upload traffic, we are going to restrict this offer. So use it responsibly for your own, and others, good!



  • DWN, Tr4cid, Wolf for the help with the recon element loadouts

Have fun using these templates and feel free to give any feedback!

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