Bash script to audit and fix macOS High Sierra (10.13.x) security settings
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macOS Lockdown (mOSL)

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Bash script to audit and fix macOS High Sierra (10.13.x) security settings


  • Always run the latest release not the code in master!
  • This script will only ever support the latest macOS release
  • This script requires your password to invoke some commands with sudo


The executable Lockdown file can be verified with Minisign:

minisign -Vm Lockdown -P RWTiYbJbLl7q6uQ70l1XCvGExizUgEBNDPH0m/1yMimcsfgh542+RDPU

Install via brew: brew install minisign


$ ./Lockdown 

  Audit or Fix macOS security settings🔒🍎

  Usage: ./Lockdown [list | audit {setting_index} | fix {setting_index}]

    list         - List settings that can be audited/ fixed
    audit        - Audit the status of all or chosen setting(s) (Does NOT change settings)
    fix          - Attempt to fix all or chosen setting(s) (Does change settings)

    fix-force    - Same as 'fix' however bypasses user confirmation prompt
                   (Can be used to invoke Lockdown from other scripts)


Settings that can be audited/ fixed:

  [0] enable automatic updates
  [1] enable gatekeeper
  [2] enable firewall
  [3] enable admin password preferences
  [4] enable terminal secure entry
  [5] enable sip
  [6] enable filevault
  [7] disable firewall builin software
  [8] disable firewall downloaded signed
  [9] disable ipv6
  [10] disable mail remote content
  [11] disable remote apple events
  [12] disable remote login
  [13] set airdrop contacts only
  [14] set appstore update check daily
  [15] check kext loading consent
  [16] check efi integrity
  [17] check firmware password set
  [18] check if standard user