a fast ,stable and thread-safe log lib(logger) for C/C++ language
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What is c-log

a fast ,stable and thread-safe log lib(logger) for C/C++ language

How to complie

you can use "sh build.sh" to build the testing application and also i suggest you to run "./bench_test" (single_thread)to see the performance

you can use this log module by the follow guiding:

    log_init(LL_TRACE, "mysql", "./log/");
    LOG_NOTICE("%s [time:%d]", "test calling log", time(NULL));
    LOG_DEBUG("debug msg,only write to log when the loglevel bigger than or equal to debug [time:%d]", time(NULL));
    LOG_WARN("warnning msg will be writing to the error files [time:%d]", time(NULL));
    LOG_ERROR("you also can change  number of output files by rewrite the macro_define.h");

and also you don't need to call close befor your application exit if you insist to calling close,please use WARN_W.log_close() INFO_W.log_close() and so so.

this module also provide some convenient macro, you can use it in the following scene

    int function()
        int ret;
            ret = function_call();
            MACRO_RET(ret != 0, -1);
            MACRO_WARN(ret != 0, "function call failed  [ret:%d]", ret);
            MACRO_WARN_RET(ret != 0, -1, "function call failed  [ret:%d]", ret)


The performance of this log module is really depend on how fast your disk is. here is test result:

case 1
    Record Size: 280kb
    Cost Time: 42 seconds
    Data File Size: 20GB
    yes. we write 20GB file in 102s,that's means we write 200MB per second.and
    also this is the limitation of SATA.

case 2 
    Record Size: 56byte
    Record Write per Senconds:200,000
    yes,in it's general useage,you can gain high qps from this log module

what will be the next?

About Author

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