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optional macros

Multi Comment Macro v1.1.6 for CotEditor

Since CotEditor itself introduced a comment toggle feature (by me) on ver. 2.0, This repo is no more maintained.

AppleScripts for CotEditor.

It comment-outs and uncomments selected text intelligently.


  • inserting proper comment delimiters for selected syntax coloring mode
  • comment-outing/uncommenting multiple lines
  • intelligent comment-out/uncomment toggle
  • switching intelligently from line comments to block comments and from comment-outing at the cursor position to at the line head
  • loose select mode
  • easy to customize
  • include also scripts without the intelligent comment-out/uncomment toggle

Supported Languages

built-in syntax highlighting languages on CotEditor 1.5.3(Perl, Ruby, PHP etc...) also Swift, HTML5, SVG, SQL, AppleScript, Go, Scheme, gnuplot, ImageJ Macro, R and ReVIEW (syntax name must be identical)

You can also add your favorite languages.


Execute it from the CotEditor's script menu or using short cut keys.


Put .applescript files into CotEditor's Scripts Folder (~/Library/Application Support/CotEditor/ScriptMenu/)


Remove .applescript files you added from CotEditor's Scripts Folder

optional macros

Optional macros make commenting on CotEditor more useful. The scripts are independent of each other, so you can put only what you need into the ScriptMenu folder.

Select Lines

This script selects whole of lines in which the cursor or the selection is. It is useful when you combine this with the Comment macro using short cut keys.

Comment Out and Uncomment

The Comment Out and Uncomment macros do always its action, while the main macro Comment decides intelligently whether it comment-outs the selection or uncomments it. The other functions are the same.


  • This script comment-outs the selected text on CotEditor when no character is selected it inserts only comment delimiters before the cursor.

  • This script uncomments commented lines when more than 2/3 of lines in the selection are already comment-outed at the beginning of a line. This ratio is customizable.

  • This script can uncomment block style comment correctly only when just one block comment is exactly selected.

  • This script comment-outs/uncomments always at the line head by languages that allow line comments to appear only at the beginning of a line (namely by Apache and Shell Script mode)

  • This script comment-outs with line comment style by languages that have both line and block comment style when the selected lines are less than 10 lines. This number is customizable.

  • loose select mode By this mode, the script comment-outs/uncomments whole the first line and the last line as well even if the text selection starts/ends in the middle of a line. This function is disabled by default.

  • It happens nothing by unknown syntax coloring modes.

What this script CAN NOT do

  • uncommenting indented comment lines
  • uncommenting multiple block comments


Key Assign

You can assign a keyboard shortcut to the CotEditor script. Default assigned key for this script is Command + Shift + C. See details on CotEditor help.

Customizable Values in Script

Comment, Comment Out and Uncomment scripts are independent of each other. Remember namely that you should modify each script files.

  • spacer spaces between selection and comment delimiters

    [default] one length space

  • minBlockCommentLines minimum number of lines to use block comment on languages that have both line and block comment style

    [default] 10 lines

  • looseSelect minimum number of lines to be enable loose select mode (0 means disable).

    [default] 0 (disable)

  • commentLinesRate [only by Comment script] proportion of commented lines for switching to the uncomment function

    [default] 2/3

Adding Languages

You can add extra language definitions at (insert additional syntax here) point in the script with the following format.

	else if coloring style is "foo" then	-- language's name
		set beginDelimiter to "" -- begin delimiter of block comment (leave blank if it doesn't exist)
		set endDelimiter to "" -- end delimiter of block comment (leave blank if it doesn't exist)
		set lineDelimiter to "" -- begin delimiter of line comment (leave blank if it doesn't exist)
		set allowMiddleOfLine to true -- whether line comments can start in the middle of a line




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The Multi Comment Macro for CotEditor by 1024jp is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License.