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This page is describing about _What is Fariz doing right now?_ Inspired by [Derek Sivers](, so you might not need to ask me frequently about that (like _wiiih lagi sibuk apa nih sekarang?_)

## Living

Bandung, West Java. Indonesia.

## Careers

UI Engineer at Tarsius Research. I'm used to engineering (their/our?) realtime communication software User Interfaces both on mobile and desktop.

## Hacking

- Test-driven Development
- Managing people
- (Software) Management in any level
- Influencing people

## Anything else

- Telling people to use their own platform
- Telling people why (digital) privacy is matters
- Working for other developers in the form of knowledge sharing
- Keep in track with my minimalism movement
- Telling people to learn in public
- On the way become independent developer/maker
- Reducing caffeine consumption
- Trying to become morning person
- Leaving any social media

_Last updated at: Mar 29, 2019 03:41 UTC +7 from Dipatiukur, Bandung._

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