Android client sample for SSO and IdP API.
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Android Sample for 10Duke SSO and IdP Client

This repository provides a sample Android application, which demonstrates how to use the SSO and REST-API clients.


Clone and build following projects:

Follow the instructions in above projects.

Building the project

Use Android studio or run following from console:

./gradlew assembleDebug

Things to look for

  • How to declare dependencies? See build.gradle in module app
  • How to initialize the APIs? See class
  • How to use Login/Logout? See methods login(), onActivityResult() and handleLoginResult() in class BaseActivity
  • How to use the REST APIs? These are slightly invisible, as the simple crud-framework does most of the work, but see, e.g. methods and

Building all dependencies and this project

Following shell-script can be used to clone the required repositories and build them to assemble the sample project. The script also downloads and installs the Android SDK.

# Base directory, where the github-repositories are cloned to

mkdir -p ${REPO_BASE}

# Android SDK is downloaded to ANDROID_BASE
export ANDROID_HOME=${ANDROID_BASE}/android-sdk-linux

# java-client-core
# ================
git clone
cd java-client-core
mvn clean install

# java-client-idp
# ================
git clone
cd java-client-idp
mvn clean install

# android-client-idp-sso
# ======================
git clone

# These versions are necessary for working build:

# Some following scripts may use SRC, which should point to the project root

# Download, and install the initial Android SDK
mkdir -p ${ANDROID_BASE}

curl -O${SDK_VERSION}-linux.tgz
sha1sum android-sdk_r${SDK_VERSION}-linux.tgz

tar -xzf android-sdk_r${SDK_VERSION}-linux.tgz

# Update and download the missing Android SDK pieces:
cd ${ANDROID_HOME}/tools

# List available packages (no need to execute)
#./android list sdk  --extended --all

# Install needed dependencies
# NOTE: These ask to accept license
./android update sdk --filter android-16,android-24,build-tools-24.0.1,extra-android-m2repository,platform-tools,sys-img-armeabi-v7a-android-16 --all --no-ui

# Support annotations
cd ${ANDROID_HOME}/extras/android/m2repository/com/android/support/support-annotations/${SUPPORT_VERSION}
mvn install:install-file \
  -DpomFile=support-annotations-${SUPPORT_VERSION}.pom \

# The SDK itself
cd ${ANDROID_HOME}/platforms/android-${API_LEVEL}
mvn install:install-file \
  -Dfile=android.jar \ \
  -DartifactId=sdk \
  -Dversion=${API_LEVEL} \

# Build the maven-artifacts
cd ${SRC}
mvn clean install

# Build the SSO .aar and install it to the local Maven repository
./gradlew assembleDebug install

# Build the test
cd ../
./gradlew assembleDebug

# android-client-sample
# =====================
git clone
cd android-client-sample/
./gradlew assembleDebug