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com.redpanda.filealt.aix Bugfix for GetUri in combination with assets May 31, 2019

This extension provides additional methods to the File component.

(Before anyone starts complaining: I know that it still contains the File component's methods, but this extension was originally designed for my TextMe project and I don't want to drag a new component into the designer just for this few methods.)


  • void CopyFile (String sourceFileName, String destinationFileName)
    • Copies the content of sourceFileName to destinationFileName


  • String PathToAssets
    • returns the path to the assets folder (accessible with //)
  • PathToData
    • returns the path to the data folder (accessible without any slashed before the file name)
  • GetUri (String file)
    • returns the uri of file (starting with file://)
  • AreFilesEqual (String file1, String file2)
    • compares file1 and file2 by content


  • AfterFileCopied (String filename)
    • Event raised after the content has been copied successfully. filename corresponds to the destination file name of the CopyFile method

Current version number is 4

Visit this topic at Thunkable for updates.

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