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#!/usr/bin/env python
# Copyright (c) 2015 10X Genomics, Inc. All rights reserved.
import json
import os
import martian
import tenkit.log_subprocess as tk_subproc
__MRO__ = """
in map[] chunks,
in int reads_per_file,
out map[] out_chunks,
src py "stages/common/chunk_reads",
) split using (
in map read_chunks,
def split(args):
# One chunk per input file set
chunks = []
for chunk in args.chunks:
chunk_def = {}
chunk_def['read_chunk'] = chunk
chunk_def['__threads'] = 4
chunk_def['__mem_gb'] = 1
return {'chunks': chunks, 'join': {'__mem_gb' : 1}}
def join(args, outs, chunk_defs, chunk_outs):
# Combine chunk JSONs
all_out_chunks = []
for out in chunk_outs:
outs.out_chunks = all_out_chunks
def main(args, outs):
# Write read_chunk for consumption by Rust
with open("chunk_args.json", "w") as f:
json.dump(args.read_chunk, f)
output_path = martian.make_path("")
prefix = "fastq_chunk"
chunk_reads_args = ['chunk_reads', '--reads-per-fastq', str(args.reads_per_file), output_path, prefix, "--martian-args", "chunk_args.json", '--compress', 'lz4']
print "running chunk reads: [%s]" % str(chunk_reads_args)
with open(os.path.join(output_path, "read_chunks.json")) as f:
chunk_results = json.load(f)
outs.out_chunks = []
# Write out a new chunk entry for each resulting chunk
for chunk in chunk_results:
print args.read_chunk
chunk_copy = args.read_chunk.copy()
print chunk_copy
chunk_copy['read_chunks'] = chunk
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