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By Matt Heximer

Bhavuka is a playful typeface created for both Latin and Devanagari.

It started life as “Snippet”, by Gesine Todt, was further refined as “Bellota”, by Kemie Guaida, and developed as the devanagari typeface; “Bhavuka”, by Matt Heximer.

Bhavuka is a slightly ornamented, low contrast san-serif face with elements of whimsy and an impish attitude. Perfect for display purposes (headlines and short bursts of exuberant text), Bhavuka’s perky lines add personality and casual flair to your written words.

Careful attention was given during the development of the devanagari glyphs to match the lively linear quality of the latin characters, in order to create a seamless transition between the two languages in one block of text.

The Bhavuka project is led by Matt Heximer, a type designer based in Vancouver. To contribute, see