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Maintainer Needed

I usually do not use the Micro editor now, and I don't have the time to maintain this project any more. Forking and replacing this repository is really appreciated. Thanks!


EditorConfig plugin for the micro editor. Works with micro v2.

Syntax Highlight


You'll need an editorconfig core executable, like EditorConfig C Core, installed and on your PATH.


From the command line, type micro -plugin install editorconfig. Or, in micro's command mode, type plugin install editorconfig.

Alternatively, you may directly clone this repository:

git clone "${XDG_CONFIG_HOME:-~/.config}/micro/plug/editorconfig"

That's all! This plugin will be automatically enabled after you restart micro. It will automatically apply the appropriate editorconfig properties on files when they are opened and saved.

It's also recommended to disable micro's ftoptions builtin plugin (set it to false in micro's settings.json) as it's a very limited subset of duplicate functionality than what editorconfig provides.

For more information, use help editorconfig in command mode or view help/ in this repo.

Supported Properties

  • root (only used by EditorConfig Core)
  • indent_style
  • indent_size
  • tab_width
  • charset
  • end_of_line
  • insert_final_newline
  • trim_trailing_whitespace

Unsupported Properties

  • max_line_length


This software is licensed under MIT License. See LICENSE for details.