Sketch template for quickly creating awesome WordPress admin interface mockups
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Sketch template for quickly creating awesome WordPress admin interface mockups and designs. This version is fully updated for WordPress 5.0, with the Gutenberg editing experience. Classic editor files will still be available in this repo.

The Sketch App, a digital design tool for Mac users, is increasingly popular among designers and developers in the digital world. Its a powerful tool that allows you to rapidly create mockups that can be high or low fidelity. What makes it even more useful is in its reproducible libraries and symbols.

10up has created a set of WordPress admin mockups which cover the breadth of WordPress’ authoring and administrative environment (wp-admin). Being able to start from this solid foundation allows us to focus more on the concepts and less on pushing the pixels to make it look like an authentic backend experience.

This file is rapidly being updated to keep up with the new 5.0 experience.

If you haven’t worked with Sketch app before, we highly recommend going to their learning resources center to watch and read materials about it:

Gutenberg's wireframe templates use Roboto, you can download the font here:

How to use this

  1. Download (or clone, or whatever) and open in Sketch
  2. The first page is an introduction to the document and includes information about what you can expect to find - we suggest reading through that to understand and learn more
  3. Copy any of the artboards into a new page or work directly from them for your own mockups

Protip: clone or download the repo into your Sketch templates folder and create “new from template”

WP Version

This project using WordPress 5.0 as a reference. Depending on installed plugins, themes, and user configuration your environment may be different.

Sketch Version

This was built with Sketch version 52.4.


Feel free to submit pull requests, but please explain exactly what was changed. Because it’s a binary file, we won’t be able to do an automated merge and our team will review and manually merge what you describe.

The goal is to be no more than one significant version away from the current WordPress version. We may consider adding elements beyond what is included in WordPress core, but those will be limited.