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This Action commits the contents of your Git tag to the plugin repository using the same tag name. It excludes files in .git and .github subdirectories and moves anything from a .wordpress-org subdirectory to the top-level assets directory in Subversion (plugin banners, icons, and screenshots).


Required secrets


Secrets can be set while editing your workflow or in the repository settings. They cannot be viewed once stored. GitHub secrets documentation

Optional environment variables

  • SLUG - defaults to the respository name, customizable in case your WordPress repository has a different slug
  • VERSION - defaults to the tag name; do not recommend setting this except for testing purposes
  • ASSETS_DIR - defaults to .wordpress-org, customizable for other locations of plugin repository-specific assets that belong in the top-level assets directory (the one on the same level as trunk)

Example Workflow File

workflow "Deploy" {
  resolves = ["WordPress Plugin Deploy"]
  on = "push"

# Filter for tag
action "tag" {
    uses = "actions/bin/filter@master"
    args = "tag"

action "WordPress Plugin Deploy" {
  needs = ["tag"]
  uses = "10up/actions-wordpress/dotorg-plugin-deploy@master"
  secrets = ["SVN_PASSWORD", "SVN_USERNAME"]
  env = {
    SLUG = "my-super-cool-plugin"


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